International Friends

Changing the world – one friendship at a time

Language Partner Program

American students: make an international friend and learn about another culture!


International students: learn conversational English and make an American friend!

This is not a tutoring program; it's a friendship program. But if you are seeking to practice your English (or help someone practice English), this is a great opportunity!

You can sign up below!

Sign up here if you are an international student.


Sign up here if you are an American student.

"I got the chance not just to have a Language Partner, but to meet my best American friend!! I could learn so much with her: about real spoken English, about Kentucky typical food (especially Derby pie!) and even about American way of life. I also had the opportunity to share my native language (Portuguese) and my culture (I am from Brazil) to someone - I am so glad for meeting her. I really wish that other international students have the same good experience as I am having. Thank you!!"

-Mariana, Brazilian Language Partner


"So glad I got involved in this program! Because of my awesome language partner, I ate pig stomach, pig ears, mussels, and duck today for lunch! Talk about new and unusual foods. It was a great experience!"

-Maureen, American Language Partner


"Travis is an excellent Language Partner. We met very often for communication and also did some sports, and ate together with his family and my friends. We learned different cultures from each other and liked studying the Bible together. We have several future plans waiting for us."

-Chong, Chinese Language Partner




Language Partner Committment:


-minimum one semester (or longer, if you choose!)
-meet once a week for an hour

-based on your own time and individual schedules

-Americans attend one-time Cross-Cultural Workshop



International students are recruited from K-Week International, the Department of Housing's ESL (English as a Second Language) Program, UK Center for ESL, and other various international activities on campus.


American students are recruited from K-Week student involvement fairs, service fraternities like Alpha Phi Omega, the International Studies Department, UK 101 classes, and campus ministries like Christian Student Fellowship, Chi Alpha, and the Wesley Foundation.